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  • SaaraTeemu_Tonight
    Tonight by Saara Aalto & Teemu Roivainen Out Now!! Read more

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  • Yume released a new album “Tonight” by Saara Aalto and Teemu Roivainen

    Tonight by Saara Aalto and Teemu Roivainen was released on 8.4 by Yume Records!

  • Yume Records releases the debyt album Drivin’ by Hold’em in may 2014!

  • Yume Records released new single Therefore I Am by Hold’em!

    Check out the music video Therefore I Am!

New Releases

  • Holdem levynkansi nettiin 2400x2400
    Hold'em Drivin' Release date: May 2014 Buy Now!
  • SaaraAalto_front
    Saara Aalto Ai De Zhu Fu Release date: August 2013 Buy Now!
  • EI CONVERT CD_DP_4p_1disc+bookl sleeve_T
    Seamus Always/Never Release date: February 2013 Order now!
  • SaaraAalto_YouHadMyHeart
    Saara Aalto You Had My Heart Release Date: May 2013 Buy Now!
  • saara-aalto-enkeleita
    Saara Aalto Enkeleitä - Angels Release Date: November 2011 Buy now!
  • SaaraTeemu_Tonight
    Saara Aalto & Teemu Roivainen Tonight Release Date: 8.4.2015 Buy now!