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headsYume Records is a record label founded in 2011 producing fresh and honest high-quality music. Yume was born out of genuine love and passion for music in its every form.

We have years of experience and education in different fields of music. We know music engineering, we know producing, we know playing, we know song-writing.

This means that we always have the “big picture” of how everything works in mind.

Music business is all about contacts and knowing people. We can offer a network of devoted professionals who are all about making good music. It is also important to be in touch with everything that happens in the music universe daily. That means we are always out there listening, searching, thinking, talking with new people and making new contacts and creating new relationships.

Yume Records is a label that always has artist’s best interest in mind. Everything is based on mutual trust, respect and understanding. Together people can be more than a sum of their individual talents.

We are all about music and aiming high. With right attitude and passion you can achieve anything. We always think positively and look forward to new challenges. Yume Records is constantly looking for new artists and bands. You could be one of them.

Contact Us

Yume Records
Runeberginkatu 65 A 5
00260 Helsinki
info [at]

Teemu Roivanen
Managing Director
tel. +358 408 670 496
teemu.roivainen [at]

Riku Kantola
tel. +358 50 5742055
riku.kantola [at]

Helmi Jokinen
Sales Assistant
tel. +358 50 3276089
helmi [at]

Minna Koivunen
Hold’em promotion
tel. +358 50 5302824
minna.koivunen [at]

New artist contact

Leevi Lauri
tel. +358 405 762 086
leevi.lauri [at]